About Me

Hi, I’m Max Lowery – Mountain Guide, Personal Trainer, online Coach and Owner of Connect Retreats. 

My mission is to share my passion for fitness and adventure allowing you to recharge and refocus while spending time in the incredible French Pyrenees. 

Getting people outside, enjoying the stunning countryside and connecting them with their potential is fundamental to what we do at Connect Retreats. 

I have loved sports from an early age and at school represented my county in national competitions. However, like many people when I grew up I developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and partying too hard, combined with a stressful job which left me burned out. 

I began to focus on taking care of myself and my body. It was then I started to see how much our modern environment takes us out of sync with our natural rhythms. 

Resetting our bodies by being out in nature, hiking and taking care of our mobility and fitness is integral in improving our physical and mental health. 

By taking an inclusive approach to wellbeing I’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals. 

My fitness and hiking retreats are the perfect way for you to boost your health. I can help you by spending your days in the great outdoors, enjoy delicious local foods and get specialised fitness support while meeting like-minded people. 

I’d love you to become part of the supportive community I am creating to help you feel better connected with yourself and the people around you. 


Feel free to check out our upcoming dates and check out pictures from previous retreats. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.